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...Hello to All This

Ooooooh.  ooh. ooh. ooh.

So much has happened in the last two weeks (has it only been two weeks?  It must be more!  It certainly feels like more), that actually sitting down at the computer and writing has been beyond me entirely.  I've been keeping a written journal, so I won't forget everything, but I've been lax about the LJ.  Hopefully you will forgive me.

The move went great, but I've only just recovered from the dust invasion.  Bob has bought me a Dyson Ball vacuum, which arrived yesterday, so housework.  We could not have done the move without our friends, and I am eternally grateful.

At this point, I owe pinkleader  my firstborn child, but rather than saddle her with that, I'm going to buy some really awesome steaks for her at our local farmer's market.  Not only did she and her sweetie help us move, she sat in the waiting room at St. Agnes' Hospital keeping an eye on Bob as he got shoulder surgery for a torn labrum (and a really awesome bone spur hook that was growing into his shoulder.  My honey has points on his elbows, too - I think he's attempting to transform into a really cool gargoyle), as I had to run across town to another hospital to see my pain doctor.  We're staying at pink's house no less than three times this month, with the surgery, Night on the Town (an SCA event), and then back to the doctor to get the stitches removed next Thursday.

I'm driving everywhere while Bob's shoulder heals, but he's doing remarkably well, healing quickly, and already hardly needing pain meds.  He has to be reminded that he does need to take it easy, but he's all twitchy about me having to do everything.  I'm just slapping on Lidocaine patches (my new stash arrived yesterday, yay!), and that's why I have a small stock of extra pills of my own, right?  I get to take care of him for a change.

(He's a ridiculously easy patient.  The worst thing for him has been the itchiness from the incisions and the bandages.)

Sadly, in the midst of all this, Bob's Dad died.  He's been sick for a long time with cancer, and he went pretty fast at the end, after six extra years of remission.  Bob will be busy with arrangements, but everything should be okay.

Back to happier things.  The house is actually looking really nice.  The sitting room is virtually done and unpacked, and the yellow guest room will be pretty much clear except for book boxes after theblueleader  finishes up the garage.  She's been doing the mudding and taping and sanding, and it's awesome.  She's awesome.  Once the painting is done, we can slap the laminate flooring in, and I have my studio (which will be storage for a little while).

I haven't downloaded my pictures yet, and actually, I have to take a couple more, since the Master Bedroom is almost done up - I have a new dressing table and mirror that is gorgeous, and the bed looks great.  We've got a few boxes stored on a temporary shelf unit in the corner, but it's mostly good.

The biggest thing is putting two household's worth of stuff together and sorting out what stays and what goes.  We filled up the truck with donations to our local church thrift (re-use is a big thing for me, and everything useful gets donated), and I think there's going to be quite a bit more before I'm done.  Even so, we still have all sorts of things we can't donate, like medicine cabinet things - I have a basket by my dressing table that has all the things that won't fit into the bathrooms (both of them!).  At least it's all useable stuff.

(We just watched a program on CNBC about people preparing for the 2012 Apocalypse - they got all the seriously marginal people, of course - and you know, if it really is the end of civilization, it's nice to know I won't run out of Chloraseptic Throat Spray any time soon.)

(btw, if you're worried about what to stockpile, forget gold; toilet paper's what you're going to want.  Take it from me - people will be giving you gold for even a little bit of the stuff after a month of attempting to use sticks and leaves.)

Finally, I got to deal with my hair today.  I've been too busy to deal with it, and I have two inches of roots.  It's interesting to see how grey I've gotten, but I prefer my hair red.  Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding the perfect red since Nutrisse Garnier discontinued their Luscious Mango colour (oh, how I loved that shade! sigh), so I've been trying various Feria colours.  Today's trial was in the "Power Reds" range, and it was like working with Manic Panic - bright paintbox red liquid, and it stained everything.  The colour is a little too much - as Bob said, seeing me in the sun as we walked down to get the mail, "your hair is reeeeally red".  It is a tad too red-pink for my taste (serious understatement!), so I'll be striking this one (Feria #68, intense red copper) off my list. 

And I'm tired, peeps.  Very, very tired.  Ther's always more going on, and retirement seems busier right now than working.  It will calm down eventually.

p.s.  I've sent out address cards to some people; if you don't get one, and want to know where I live (and I know you), send me a message with your address, and I'll send one to you.

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