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So, one more week until the move.  It's been quiet in AL land because I'm packing.  Of course, life is not without it's unexpected things; we have two vulture eggs in the chicken coop, and we can see them through a little window in the wall, so I don't have to disturb them.

Less conveniently, we have a stray dog hanging around.  She was back and forth for a day or two, and then she spent the night under Bob's truck, and she wouldn't move on, so we gave her water and food, called the "dog warden" (lots of stray dogs around here), but they don't work on Saturdays, and we are leaving Sunday.  There's no animal shelter around here, but  we have a cage for the hunting dogs on Ridge Road, and if we leave her there, she'll be picked up.  She's a nice dog, but I don't want a dog.  Really.  Nor does Bob.  And we cant leave her here, she won't leave, and she'll starve.  I may not want a dog, but I'm not into heartless animal neglect.

I'll post pics of our vultures soon (no vulture eggs, because I need special lighting for that, and anyway, one clutch looks remarkably like any other clutch of past years).  I don't like typing on the laptop.

And now, more work calls.
Tags: animals, farm, vultures
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