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Happy squee

So.  As of eight and a half hours ago, I iz no longer employed.

Freedom.  It tastes like... bacon.

I'm typing this on a borrowed laptop, down at the farm, trying out our new internet connection from Verizon (also known as the only company that has service in this god-forsaken - but pretty! - wilderness).  We're in full-on packing mode, with help from pinkleader and theblueleader , and taking all of our stuff down in truckloads of boxes every weekend.  Mind you, now we don't have to go down only on weekends, but it turns out that being unemployed while moving is surprisingly time-consuming, what with doctor appointments, sending out change of address forms, and - oh yes - setting up an entirely new e-mail account (did I mention that Verizon is the only dcent intarwebs provider out here?  Only one other company offers anything, and they're dial-up (shudder).

Yes, I know, we're totally spoiled.  I'm well aware of that, and also of how lucky we are to be able to retire and choose to not have full-time jobs.  Don't hate us.  I'm still being just as loopy as ever, with added panic attacks - don't you feel better now?


But my big piece of news - my apprentice, lisettelaroux , got her Pearl (grant-level kingdom arts award, for you non-Atlantians) this last weekend.  Alas, I did not know about it in advance, so I wasn't there, but I am so proud of her it makes me squee.  Added squee-worthiness came with the news that she and her significant other (a cherished old frined of mine, for added happiness) are now engaged!  If you feel like it, slip on over to her LJ and send her your well-wishes. 

I'z happy.  Feeling a bit like I'm in the middle of a whirlwind, but happy.
Tags: apprentice brag, state of the me
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