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Fnargle.  My head hurts.  It's not been made better by following the woman-hating antics of the various Republican fucknecks who value a clump of non-viable cells over a human being with a vagina.  We used to joke about the US becoming the Republic of Gilead, but it's not a joke any longer.  I made a sarcastic comment to Bob last night that the Republican attack on reproductive (it's not just abortion!) rights must be part of their job-creative initiative; clearly they desire to turn women back into the upaid domestic servants and sex providers for men, so that all the jobs women now hold will be available for men again, and voila!  No unemployment!  QED.

I really wish I didn't think they were serious, but on some level, I really think they do want us back in the 19th century, when women didn't have the vote, and a few people made themselves obscenely rich on the backs of poorly-paid workers who toiled in unsafe conditions without any right of redress.

Good times, eh? 

How nice, then, to see that Obama has finally stepped up and said he will not support DOMA and considers it unconstitutional.  Finally, something good from the White House.  As a follow-up, Mr. President, how about making it absolutely clear that you will veto the attempt to de-fund Title X, and make sure that women, children, and men who rely on Planned Parenthood for basic reproductive health needs and care will continue to receive that care?  After all, every dollar spent by PP saves >$3 in Medicare costs, and we're all about reducing costs, right?

The Right Wing may be using The Handmaid's Tale as a how-to manual, but we don't have to follow them down that path - assuming that we can get our heads out of the sand and realize that it's not just a few "wingnuts" putting in ridiculous legislation, but a concerted effort by the Right Wing dominated Republican party to turn the US into a Christian patriarchal theocracy. 
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