attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

The Christmas Turtle

Those of you who are newer to my journal probably have not seen my Turtle story.  I wrote it in 2008, just lolloping along as my imagination took me, and a little (and somewhat erratic) story evolved.  For your ease of viewing, and as a sort of apology for not posting as much as I want (I've been "out of spoons", as they say), here is the series of Brown Turtle posts in one place, for your reading pleasure (or whatever).

Part the First, wherein I introduce the turtle, and you get to see how huge my creche is (and get some pictures of part of my vintage closet).

Part the Second, where our intrepid turtle learns about the Christmas Truce, and you get to see some of my other vintage Christmas decorations.

Part the Third, which might actually be a dream sequence, because the turtle is thinking in metaphors about the zoo animals.

Part the... okay, let's skip the fancy and go... Part 4: Where Turtle meets the horses, who have wisdom to impart.

Part 5: Turtle learns from the pigs that life is not a destination, but a gift, and every moment should be fully appreciated.

Part 6: Where Turtle learns of sacrifice from the cows.

Part 7: Joy to the world.
Tags: christmas, deep thoughts, happiness, happy fun times, turtle

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