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This makes me hiccup with horror... (TW)

(TW for sexual assault)

Those full body scanners that take a photo of your naked body that the TSA said weren't being saved?

Yeah. turns out, they lied.

quelle suprise, no?

It seems more and more like we're not really going to be given a choice about our privacy being egregiously violated any more.   If I want to see my family, I have to fly.  Any other mode of transportation is not really a choice.  And as a sexual assault survivor who hates even incidental body contact from strangers, this is a nightmare that is even now, right this minute, giving me a panic attack.

I should not be electronically strip searched or groped because I need to travel a greater distance than a car can reasonably go.  At the very least, all TSA employees should be required to undergo an extensive background check and sexual assault sensitivity training before they're even allowed to put one hand on anyone.  I should not be the coerced victim of someone who gets their kick out of forcibly groping helpless people just to be able to get on an airplane.  But as the links in the second linked story clearly show, TSA doesn't give a fuck about passenger safety from sexual assault.

Because the sexual abuse of thousands of people isn't important when the terrorists might get on a plane!  Eleventy!!!!  Shut up, sheep passengers and submit to sexual humiliation!  We'll keep your naked picture on file in case of... shut up, that's why. 

Make no mistake, this is sexual abuse, even if the person does not have any PTSD issues.  If you're a survivor?  It's torture*.  And you'll be punished if you object. 

But it's all in the name of Safety!  We must be kept secure!  Even if that means violation of our personal safety and security.  After all, we catch terrorists all the time by rubbing our hands all over them and taking naked pictures that are kept on file just in case.**

Oh, what?  We haven't caught a single terrorist this way? Then why do we need this viollating policy?

Because liberty freedom Osama terrorists mosques at Ground Zero Obama Socialism SHUT UP.  That's why.

*Yes, I will freak out, even if a woman is doing it.  I cannot have a stranger touch parts of my body without a full-on breakdown.

**Because shut up, that's why.


Nov. 10th, 2010 05:12 pm (UTC)
You can (supposedly) request to be searched in private, but I have also been told that this greatly increases the likelihood of it being a strip search rather than a pat down.

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