attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

I haz a cute

Phew!  Outcome better than I thought! 

pinkleader  has posted her Flikr set from the rally; included is one of me in my new leather waistcoat corset I had her take once we got back to her place.

We found it at Pennsic, and I said at the time "wow, it has nothing to do with out Period, but that's gorgeous".  So, Bob insisted I try it on.  I waffled about getting it (omgitwasperfectbutexpensive), and Bob told me to go get it and he would pay for it.  So I went over - and they only had one left in my size, and it was the display model, and it had some issues with the grommets, so I got it cheaper.

Score.  I can fix the grommets (I did).

I love it - it wasn't pulled particularly tight on Saturday, since I was going to wear it all day on the Metro and stuff, and it can go considerably tighter around the waist.
Tags: costume, steampunk
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