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Teeny Tiny Weekend Hijinks

I had a lovely weekend, but I am very painful today as I fell on Saturday.  I tripped because I was rushing with the camera because Bob saw the copperhead again.  It got away, but it left a complete shed skin that I boxed up for Isaac to take home, so it wasn't all bad.  We'll catch it eventually.

I spent the weekend in a doll house haze - I re-did the entire kitchen dresser/hutch with the labels I downloaded (real can label images saved and  shrunk to doll size), put together a toy box, painted something that's a secret project (not telling yet), and made fimo food.  Along with this, Isaac and Emmie helped and made things of their own, while cathgrace  and anselmatthews  and Bob finished the drywall and mostly mudded and taped the garage.  I think I got the better end of the deal, even if there were toys all over the floor for most of the day.

Water-based paint is very easy to clean up, thank goodness.

So - pictures, because typing hurts.  First, the new cans on the dresser:

This also includes some special ones that I got from a dollhouse supplier that has vintage English foods - the biscuit and humbug (a type of candy) tins on the top and the box of Jacob's crackers are among the things I got.

I forgot to take a picture of the insides of the lower cabinets - I did pet supplies in one, random beverages in the middle one, and cleaning supplies in the third.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out; my printer printed out the labels much more crisply than the old labels that were on the cans.  I took all those off and put on mine.

Then, I put down new flooring in the kitchen (I forgot to get a picture of the kitchen) and the bathroom, and put up trim:
I also put up a little tiny shelf over the bathroom sink, to hold a couple of printies - denture adhesive (the dentures are on the sink) and Bromo Seltzer.

The dining room also got the trim replaced with more attractive wallpaper trim, and I got a better picture of the liquor cabinet:
These printies were all done on full sheet sticker sheets and cut out.  It works very well, I think.

Then, I put in a new desk set I bought - it's Reutter Porzellan:
On the mantel, I put a tiny box of cigars - I painted every individual cigar in the box.  While I was doing that, Isaac and Emmie painted furniture that I gave them to take home.  They got very creative, and I'm rather sorry I didn't get a picture.

I put little tiny printies I modified in the sewing baskets, and I got the cutest bunny toy for the baby:
I wrapped very fine silk thread around the thread cards, and stuck tiny adhesive half beads to the button cards.

And I made the toys for the toy box: 

I even stuck little tiny pictures to each side of the alphabet blocks - with tweezers.

The last doll house thing all three of us did was make fimo clay food.  I was quite pleased with my first attempts at a cherry pie, potatoes boiling in a pot, candies for the jar, cookies for the biscuit tin, and green beans on a serving plate:

(The large pie was something I got in a random bag of dollhouse bits - it's made in a bottle cap, and is there for contrast.)

Isaac made the vegetables for a bowl of soup - I tinted glaze for the broth, and we added a spoon, making sure Isaac's mushroom was on top:

He also made cake and tarts, and a hot dog that looked like the bun was a taco, so we called it a taco dog.

Emmie made a brilliant baked potato and some... breadsticks:

The brown triangles are apple pies, the red bits are Jolly Ranchers, and the big thing is a cake with a teeny tiny strawberry on top.

On Sunday, before we left, I took the kids to see if the Vulture egg had hatched yet, and we got a really lovely surprise.  The Mother Vulture was still with her eggs - two of them (I thought she had left, but it was the other Vulture that flew out - they both spend the night in the chicken coop).  We stayed back so we didn't scare her too much, but both the kids took turns to see her in her nest, guarding her eggs.

I'm sorry it's so dark - I've adjusted the exposure a little, but it was very dim in there, and I didn't want to scare her with the flash.  But two eggs!  I'm so excited!

It was a lovely weekend (except for falling), and I had a great time.  I hope everyone else did, too.

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