attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

This weekend will be nice...

So, we're off really early tomorrow morning to watch a case being tried in Richmond*, then off to the farm.  We're being joined this weekend by cathgrace , anselmatthews , and Emmy and Isaac, and I'll be playing with the kids while our dear, dear friends will be helping Bob with mudding and taping the garage.

(Have I mentioned how much I love these guys?  I do.)

I'm planning some doll house time - I have Fimo clay to make foods (I haz peekchers to work from), and I'm going to play with putting in the small things I made from printies, re-arranging some of the dollhouse.  And maybe temporarily putting together the big doll house to have a planning session with Bob for wallpaper, painting, and trim.  It should be fun.   I've got enough clay for Isaac and Emmy to make stuff, too - and paints so we can paint anything we make.  I love playing with the kids, so it's not a chore in the least to watch them while everyone else works, believe me.

(Yes, I am evil.  But I have modeling clay!)

I'll take pictures.

I have been babysitting theodorad 's cats, and since I'll be gone for three days, I've made sue they are fed, watered and cleaned, and will be okay until Sunday, when we'll stop by on the way home to make sure they haven't eaten each other out of boredom.  Hobbes has straws to play with, and I've been bribing Sweetpea with treats - she's willing to come to the edge of the bed, but won't come any further - yet. 

Hobbes is shedding his winter coat.  I had him asleep on my lap for about an hour today, and when we got up, I was white with fur - and I was wearing black.  He and I have Hobbes Time every day when I visit (which is every day during the week), and as soon as I sit down in "our" armchair, he jumps right up into my lap.  He's an adorable cat - and he even lets me rub his belly, which is apparently a special privilege.  He's also very vocal - as soon as I come in, he's miaowing at me, talking away.  It's almost enough to make me consider having a cat again, but then I remember the constant fur and cleaning the litterbox. 

Besides, if I got a cat, only a Singapura will do.

See you next week!

*4th Circuit Court of Appeals - Bob started this case a while back when he was still in the County Attorney's office, and so he's observing.
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