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So, we didn't go to the farm.  I spent Saturday working on jewelry for thatpotteryguy  to sell at Pennsic (I'll be providing jewelry and, I think, lacing long enough to turn into sets of points, if I can get around to braiding enough to be worth selling), and making a scrapbook for pinkleader , who also invited us over for extremely yummy steaks and good company.  Sunday, pinkleader  and I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and, well, while the actual visit was great, it all went downhill physically from there.

Rather rapidly, in fact.  I started with a headache, took a nap, took drugs to reach oblivion for the night, then woke up Monday morning at 3am feeling like hell warmed over.  Yesterday was somewhat less than fun.  I'm still feeling very delicate.

But there were good times - we tried our hardest not to add to our yarn stashes, but I ended up with four skeins of various lovely pink and green variegated wools, a couple of hand-dyed silk scarves, some square knitting needles (supposed to be good for sensitive hands), an awesome book on making sock puppet monsters, and a wool blanket that looks period.  pinkleader  bought some colours of yarn she didn't have (omg the wools!   So beautiful!), and also succumbed to the gorgeous silk scarves.  We petted sheep (ear scritches!) and saw some really amazing competition work, ran into some people we knew (hi, spanish_peacock !), and really had a lovely time, despite the unbearable heat and humidity.

Yesterday, I played inside a sphere of the doll house universe I haven't found until recently - printable objects you can make out of paper for your doll house (called, in that rather reductionist way that people do, "printies").  I now have a little paper trunk filled with all sorts of box goods - food, children's games, hat and shoe boxes, and cleaning supplies, all vintage.  I love it.

(Here and here are good places to start.)

Of course, I have far more than I need for the doll house, but this way I get to swap stuff out.  The paper (as opposed to card stock) pieces are a little delicate for small hands, but the great thing is that if they get mooshed, you can always print more!  I did some on regular paper (the smallest boxes work best in this), some on cardstock, and some on label paper (the full sheet kind) - which is great for cans, wallpaper borders, and small things that need to be stuck together or to something else, like heavy card.  It's utterly addictive, especially since I love little vintage food and cleaning supplies.  And glue sticks are my friend.

I'll post pictures some time.  And links.
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