attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

What I did on my weekend, by Laura, age 40.

Stuff.  There was lots of stuff!  And animals!  Wild animals!

We cleared an area near the old barn that will become our fort:


And unearthed a metric fucktonne of old tires, which will become the base for the fort walls:

We found more.  And a copperhead, like I said last week.  I didn't get any pictures of that one, alas.

But I did get pictures of all the other wildlife!


Snakes! Turkeys!  (one of each, anyway.)

Deer!  Tadpoles!
(The tadpoles are in a puddle in the easement road.  I hope they become frogs before the puddle dries up.  It's pretty deep, so they'll probably be ok.)

And the cutest, teeniest, most adorably snorgleicious baby bunny evar:

And I worked on my dollhouse:

I put in windowboxes...

Filled the liquor cabinet with all sorts of nice things, and dressed Grandpa up a bit:

Put in a new, smaller, stove and sink (more suitable for a cottage):

And added some new doll children and toys.

And I made plans to kill some totes evil poison ivy next time I'm down:

I don't know about you, but I itch just looking at this.

So, it's been a wonderful couple of weekends.  Next time, I'm hoping the turtles and toads will be out.

Tags: animals, dollhouse, farm, good times, happiness, wildlife

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