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Vultures and snakes and creepy crawlies...

Just a quickie...

We spent the weekend at the farm, and lots of clearing was done in preparation for building a berm fort behind the vulture barn.  We are going to have our very own play fort in the woods.  Hee!

A copperhead was unearthed during the moving of wood and debris, and Bob's son in law, who won't go near the vultures or the deer, picked it up without hesitation, and asked what kind of snake it was.  He was wearing gloves, and it was cool enough the copperhead wasn't very pissed off, so no real worries, but then he wouldn't let us kill it (my policy for dangerous snakes around the house).  He took it far, far into the woods to release it, but since they have a range of about 25 miles, that won't do much good.  It's okay - ten years, and that's the first copperhead we've ever seen, so I don't think we're going to be inundated.  People know not to stick their hands into crevices and brush piles anyway, since there is a much greater danger of being bitten by black widows.

Speaking of the vulture barn, it is no longer the roost of choice - the barn roof is slowly collapsing, and so the vultures have moved to the chicken coop.  And we have an egg!  Yay!  The coop has a large open window over the door on one side, and there's an access panel inside the coop to get to the closed side, so they fly in one side and walk through to the other side where they've put their egg in a sheltered spot.

I'm so happy - I was afraid they'd stopped laying near us, since I didn't find their spot last year.  The chicken coop - the vulture coop! - is staying.

Pictures tomorrow evening - I'm going to bed.
Tags: farm, vultures, wildlife

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