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Bob's Party (many many pictures) (and then some more)

So, the party was actually so good that now I don't think I can have another one, since anything after that would be a disappointment.

The parties often take quite a bit of advance planning, and this one was no exception, especially with the decorations.  pinkleader  and Alan's house is very well set up for parties, with a really cool party basement, so I set that up as the "shelter", and the upstairs as an abandoned house.  (You kind of had to imagine it a lot, since to make it actually look abandoned would have required a redecoration bill that I could not afford to put the place back together again.)

So, we contented ourselves with posters, plastic on the furniture, and a couple of evocative touches:

You can't really see this, but there's a "Danger: Infection" poster on the door, and broken "Caution" tape.  We got people started right at the door; the goody boxes and things were there, plus blue face masks for the uncostumed.  I found an old Fallout Shelter sign, and had posters in various places warning about zombies and such. My dead guy (perhaps it was the "lite" beer he was drinking?) was in the sitting room, having never made it to the shelter downstairs.  I was so distracted with the cake, I forgot to take photos of all of it, but pinkleader  took some, I know.

Speaking of the cake, it was tough getting photos of it, because it was less of a cake, and more of an edible chocolate cake base for a large collection of miniatures.  Oh, and yes, a cotton candy nuclear explosion:

I actually had to leave it on the stove where I decorated it, because I couldn't move it.  There are soldiers in the center, zombies on the left, aliens on the right (and a couple of zombies sneaking up on people), and some rather surprised Lego people who really weren't expecting this kind of day.

(enlarge to see the great expression on the Lego guy's face.)

Good times.  About half the cake got eaten; I also had red velvet mini-cupcakes with gummi brains on top.

Oh, and MREs.  I offered them as prizes, but for some reason, people didn't seem impressed.

The basement had lots of grey plastic on the walls, where people could write messages, and Bob made an awesome poster of the Vault from Fallout 3 for one wall.  I made special foods for "sale", and put up more posters:

and since Alan was a part of the Umbrella Corporation, I did up his desk:
As you can see, no-one is safe from the zombie scourge.

I was Alice from Resident Evil: Extinction, and Bob was Bill from Left 4 Dead 2:
And holy cow, people did some awesome costume stuff!

Kirk won the "mutant" costume prize, and Cindy was a fabulous Survivor:


cathgrace  and Paul were Alice from Resident Evil and Tallahassee from Zombieland:

The Scariest Zombie of All:

(No, the one on the right.)

Actually, the other zombie got a little out of control, adding to the atmosphere:
(totes hilarious.)

And, it was just great all around.  So, I'm just going to post my favourite photos:

(Paddington Bear prepared for anything, a little pool between friends, and me getting artistic with the exposure.)

(Paris Hilton, Apocalypse Barbie and Bill, and pinkleader  and theodorad , the pangalactic beings from another dimension disguised as white mice.  They brought a backup Earth.)

(Everyone stands up when the President comes in the room, They Live, and a little drug exchange behind the scenes.)

(We have to remember our talking points, and this is what happens when baby aliens drink too much.)

(Who's eating who?)

(General party atmosphere!)

(I can't believe we got this picture.) (I can't believe she dressed like that.)  (I can't believe how cute she is.)

Really, seriously, best party ever.  In fact, so much fun, that people were trying all night to persuade me not to stop holding them.  So I guess we'll be holding the wake for Bob's party next year. 

Maybe I'll make everyone come as their favourite muppet.



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