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Party biznizz fer Bob

I apologize for not posting at all this week; I've been neck-deep in preparations for Bob's party this Saturday.  Since the theme is The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), the decorations have involved some fun stuff of our own design (though I honestly think nothing can top the year Bob built a full-size Dalek out of cardboard and foam and turned it into an ice-bucket).  But I'm still pleased; I plan to turn the basement into a fallout shelter turned trading post.  Something from Fallout 3, stuff like that.

I even have MREs.  Yum!

Anyway, there's still tons to do - I need to bake cupcakes, buy some bits to decorate the birthday cake (I do strange things to cakes every year), and things like that.  Despite having the weather-induced migraine from hell yesterday (I threw up most spectacularly, despite having eaten almost nothing all day), I still managed to get the party soundtrack onto my new shuffle, so I've got 9 hours of really eclectic music ready.  The goodie boxes are loaded (everyone gets a box of little treats, and one has something particular inside that gets them a prize), the prizes for the costumes I like the most are all ready (the bags came yesterday - talk about cutting it close!), and there's boxes of stuff all over my sitting room.

Also, our costumes are ready.  I'm Alice from Resident Evil: Extinction, and Bob is... I think a character from Left 4 Dead 2.  I keep forgetting.  But it's funny, and he looks great.

I promise lots of pictures.

And I'll leave my newer readers with a picture of the cake from last year's party:

Well, we had a Star Wars theme, so I wanted to make a Death Star, y'know?  But I couldn't make it big enough and stay round, so I did a small one, and the main cake was Endor, being threatened by the Death Star.  The main cake is just a store-bought sheet cake with some extra ewoks and greenery.
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