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Jamestown and the weekend...

Busy weekend!  I'm working from home today, and taking a quick break to add an update to my woefully un-updated journal.

First, on Friday, we went to the farm to pick up and drop off the generator.  I took the opportunity to snap a couple of quick pics of the dollhouse stairs I put in:

So now, my dolls can actually get to the roof.  Bob suggested the paint style.  Pretty, huh?  I need to do a few touch ups here and there, but overall I'm pleased.  The house is so cute.

Then, off to Jamestown.  I didn't make a huge display this time, so I actually bounced around talking to people about all sorts of things, rather than sit in the Governor's House all day.  Speaking of the Governor's House, the new house that will be replacing it is coming along fabulously, and I can't wait to move in:

The beams are quite large in some places.  Not as absolutely huge as in the old farmhouse, but impressive all the same.  The new building is two stories, two fireplaces (I get heat!), and will be gorgeous.


The weekend was noisy - it was MTA, so of course there were firing demonstrations throughout the weekend, but on Saturday evening, they did a special VIP firing of the howitzer and the Fort salver (the big gun that sits in the middle of the Fort).  It had been at least ten years since the thing was fired, but it went off beautifully (and loudly).  There was also a genius opportunity for the big donors to shoot some of the smaller guns themselves, and seeing little old ladies firing off a machine gun is a sight to behold.

For the public, they did a big artillery demonstration at noon on Sunday.  Cue the crying children. 

But, overall, I had a lovely time, though I'm a bit achey today.  Got lots of compliments on the green jacket, and got my picture taken a lot.  Since I was standing around the fort most of the weekend, I got a lot of "can we take our photo with you?" requests.  I also got in a bit of chicken snuggling - I held one of the chickens on my lap for quite a bit, and even put her to sleep for some time.  Sunday the chickens stayed in their coop, because the hawk was threatening them, so I fed them sunflower chips through the slats in the coop.  Much nibbling and clucking ensued.  I do love those chickens.

Good times. 


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