attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Day twelve: I am eaten by Blargh.

Whoo - back to work.

I'm tense right now, since we're in the process of moving offices, and I hate not knowing everything.

Who am I kidding?  No-one tells me anything.  I'm a little round mushroom, sitiing in the dark, starving even for some good bull-poop.  This is what I get for having an alternative work schedule.

I've been under the weather mood-wise (though not as under the weather as Bob's car - I haz peekturs), and I assume it's been mostly work-related.

I'll try to write a long rambling self-reflective post later; right now, I'm going to do some work for my corporate lizard overlords (subsidiary of Octopus Rulers of the Universe, inc.).
Tags: state of the me

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