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Linkhit of *Rage*

Quick link, because it's important that people know about these things...

Trans abuse in hospital TRIGGER WARNING I AM NOT KIDDING

Those of my readers who are in the medical field need to consider this, and understand what it means to be transgender in a society that refuses to accept trans status as natural and normal. What would you do if a trans person (post-op or pre-op) was under your care? Would you treat them as an autonomous human being who has the absolute right to their self-identity, or would you treat them as a mentally ill aberration? What gives you the right to decide for someone else what gender they are? And do you think "it causes less confusion for the staff" is a legitimate reason to force unwanted treatment on a person in your care?

These may be academic questions for all the cis (your body matches your gender) people reading, but these are the nightmares that keep trans people up at night. Everyone deserves the right to autonomy. Trans people are not anomalies, defects to be fixed; they are simply people who have been born with a body that does not match their gender. It is our society that needs to be fixed, to stop thinking in male/female absolutes, and to acknowledge that sexuality and gender are fluid. It is our society that forces trans people to hide their identity for fear of being assaulted, raped, and murdered. It is our sick society that thinks gender is something to be regulated for the comfort of other people at the expense of the individual.

This story should fill you with rage at the abuse perpetrated on this woman. If you think gender should be forced to match with the physical state of the genitalia at birth, does that mean you would go against a person's express wishes if you had the power to force them against their will to fit what you think they should be?

Human rights are for everyone.
Tags: rage, transphobia
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