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Nom nom n... what the hell is THIS stuff?!

I meant to go into work today, but at 5am, the car was frozen under snow, and I just gave up.

Yeah, that's been my week so far.  Bleah.  On the other hand, I just had a lunch of a Lean Cuisine Santa Fe Rice and Beans, mixed with generous amounts of Tabasco and proper sour cream (not low fat sour cream - why bother?), and it was pretty darn tasty, so I'm feeling okay.

I don't like diet frozen meals as a rule - I still have traumatic flashbacks to Jenny Craig - but this one LC meal is really good, with beans and a nice sauce, and corn, and especially when tarted up a bit with extras.  Diet?  No - but then, that's not the point. 

My appetite is back to where it was before the Lyrica (finally!) and I'm much more relaxed.  I'm not dieting - I will never do that again, like I said a couple of months ago - but I'm also not eating when I don't want to, especially when it's meal time.  If I don't want dinner, I don't eat dinner.

I've been sewing and watching TV (I'll post pictures of the sleeve when I've done all the silk fill - it's gorgeous), and being vaguely annoyed at the "Activia" ads where a woman says something like "well, sometimes I have to eat heavy greasy food, and it's not good for my diet or my digestion".  It riles me on that level where I think people allow themselves to be browbeaten into eating, or, more usually, they want to eat something lovely and greasy like cheese fries or funnel cake (cupcakes!), but they can't admit that they want to eat it, because food is not nutrition but a moral choice, don'tcha know, so they claim that they have no choice, because it's all that was there.

However, I also realize that I'm not being entirely fair.  Owning your food choices is hard when everything around you is alternatively demanding you eat massive amounts of food, or screaming at you that you are fatty fatty fatpants and that the single cupcake you plan to eat will kill you.

(Which is not true unless you cannot metabolize sugar to the point that a tablespoon will cause you to keel over into a faceful of frosting, or you're deathly allergic to one of the ingredients.  Let me repeat:  One cupcake will not kill you.)

(Or even glare at you disapprovingly.  The cupcake loves you.  Go on, eat the damn thing.)

So, it's easier to go with the flow and push the responsibility for food off your shoulders and tell everyone "well, everyone else wanted to go to Burger King, and they laugh at me when I get a salad, so what could I do?".  And who can honestly blame someone who does that, when the admission that all they wanted right then and there was a double bacon cheeseburger, a large fries, and maybe some of those awesome funnel cake sticks will get them sneered at and lectured?  It's a survival tactic to say that you don't have a choice, especially if you're female, because my Dog, everyone polices what women look like, what they put in their mouths, and how much.  It's a moral imperative, ladies!  You need to be thin and beautiful and if you're not, you need to cower in shame and gratefully accept the insults and guilt trips everyone puts on you because you're responsible for the destruction of all mankind!

(I knew I could get it around to the End of Teh Worldz sooner or later.)

At the very least, you're fat, and it's a moral failing to be anything over a size 4.

Personally, I hate Activia -it's sugary, flavourless, and I can get better results eating pears and some really good live culture yoghurt, like Fage.  But then, I hate all the food substitutes that are pushed on us as the answer to all our problems. 

Just say no to fake yoghurt.

And with that, I'm going to go have a can of pears for dessert.
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