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More Animal Joy

...This time about Octopongles. Here is footage of an Indonesian Veined Octopus using coconut shells as protective cover.  It's freaking adorable, especially when it picks up the shell and walks on tippy-toe.

I have a real soft spot for Octopiddlies; they're insanely smart; personally, I think they're smarter than dolphins.  Certainly you never see an Octopipple making the mistake of rescuing a drowning human just to be caught in a tuna net by other humans.  In fact, I would not be surprised if they had a Swiss Army knife*  concealed somewhere in a tentacle for cutting themselves out of tuna nets.**

I remember watching a show about little (less than 1ft) Octobobbles, where the research crew caught one and put it in a tank below decks.  The cameraman heard a noise, and found the little smarty-pants*** had shoved the lid off the tank, slid up two flights of stairs, and was most of the way across the deck before the crew realized what had happened.  In a mutual display of respect, they let it escape.

I bet it's still planning its revenge.

Octologs aren't playing when they decide to pull off the masks of scuba divers, by the way - they're making sure all researchers maintain proper respect when faced with the capo a capo**** of squishy sea creatures. 

Okay, they do it to recreational divers just for fun.  Look around the next time you see footage on "Untamed and Uncut" of a diver on vacation being suffocated by an octopus of doom - if you look carefully, you'll see a bunch of carefully hidden Octomobbles giggling madly as they watch the human turn blue. 

I'm also not ruling out the possibility that the oxygen mix in scuba tanks has a nitrous oxide-like effect on Octopooks, and they're just looking for a quick hit.

I think it's only a matter of time before we're invaded by a bunch of Octopi in eight-legged scuba suits designed specifically so they can travel distances on land.  Think about it; there's nothing they can't do when provided with a computer and a credit card.

I, for one, welcome our new eight-legged overlords.

They're just so darn squishy and cute.

*Their version has eight different tools.  *rim shot*

**And for opening oysters.  Southern Octopods also carry cocktail sauce; Northern ones prefer Tabasco.

***Eight-button fly Levis for the fashionable Octodiva-About-Town.

****a capo, a capo... (repeat 8 times)

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