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On my feet again, la la la, just can't wait to get on my feet again...

Well, goodness.  It's been a while, but then, I haven't been to work since before I went to Plimoth.  This is the longest I've ever been off work since I started, and now I don't think I remember how; at the very least, it's impossible to get anything done the week of Christmas/New Year's. We're going to the farm NY's day, after a party up here.  We still have things to do.  We were going to go this past weekend, but the snow seemed a little too much to drive through, so we cancelled.  But there is stuff that needs doing, so we go.  After Christmas and New Year's Eve, since all the presents are up at the apartment. I'm going to do a quick rundown of my recent past, since going into detail feels a bit beyond me at the moment...

Plimoth:  Amazing.  I'm sure you've all seen the photos on the Thistle Threads blog, and it was gorgeous. 


It was almost impossible to capture properly with my little camera, but it was stunning.  I was in the first set of people to see it.

Note to self:  Buy more spangles for jacket. 
Like, 8500 more.

Despite getting 'flu as soon as I got home (Bob was a plague monkey before I left, but insisted I go to Plimoth anyway because he's incredibly thoughtful), I wanted to get a Christmas tree, since I normally put the tree up at the beginning of December, but was woefully behind.  The artificial tree I normally use was down at the farm, and Bob had intended to pick it up the weekend I was at Plimoth, but well, plague.  So, no tree.  I wavered, but finally decided to buy a new full size tree in white (If I'm going artificial, I may as well go artificial), and now I have a really retro cool tree in the apartment living room. 

To compliment it, I put out all my retro Christmas figurines instead of the creche.

And I got to put my favourite new mouse up in the tree:

(He's helping decorate.)

Lastly, we've been enjoying the snow - we got a bit over two feet here, and Bob's Miata is just a Miata-shaped lump under the snow.  I got today off (thanks, Feds), and Bob tunneled me out so I can finally go to work tomorrow (I'm assuming we won't get liberal leave). And that's kind of it.  Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys, I appreciate it.

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