attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes; I feel very loved.

Unfortunately, I got food poisoning last night, or had a severe allergic reaction to something I ate, and had a horrible night. I'm feeling a bit better this morning, but I feel somewhat weak and drained (throwing up in the nastiest way possible at 3am will do that to you).

So I'm home. And propped on the sofa with ginger ale (the real stuff) and pillows.

Blah. At least I'll get some embroidery done between naps. And for some reason, I felt the need to do laundry, even though I don't have the energy to put any of it away. So, Bob, when you get home my love, there'll be a pile of laundry on the bed. Just FYI.
Tags: blah blah blah, sick
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