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"Let us talk", the attack_laurel said, "of... me".

Let's do a bit of catch-up on my life (with pictures!).

I know, you're all waiting with bated (or baited, but then you should probably brush your teeth) breath to read my rambling update that has no actual coherence apart from being in vaguely chronological order. But it's my birthday tomorrow, so I'm feeling self-indulgent.

Like that's anything new. My picture is in the dictionary next to Self-Absorbed. My name is also there:

Laura loahw-raaah (noun); Someone who is utterly convinced that everyone around them is
fascinated by all aspects of their life and inner thoughts. See also: Egotist


(Possibly unrelated note: I clean up at Balderdash.)

So let's start with Halloween, all these many entries ago. I had Bob take pictures of my outfit, since it had a couple of cool vintage bits. I found this great 1920s comb for very cheap (they're usually a bit pricey, so as much as I've wanted one, I hadn't put out the cash) because it was a bit broken (but easily mended by someone not collecting for investment value):

It's bakelite tortoiseshell, with blue rhinestones (you can see the blue sparkly a bit better in the second one). The comb part was broken, so I got it for $5 (once they're broken, their value is pretty much lost, much like porcelain figurines), and I glued it back together. It's very pretty.

I also wore my 1950s prom dress - I don't know where it was originally worn, but it's pink eyelet with a butt bow, so I'm assuming prom or bridesmaid - and my newest acquisition, a really awesome petticoat that appears to be from the 1970s:

I have a fatal love for pink and orange together. It makes me happy. So, I dressed up and went over to pinkleader 's house, where we hung out with theodorad and Alan and Rob, handing out candy to kids, and eating sushi. I like Halloween.

I wrote about Mousehole, and I will write about the cruise, but that's a special post, and will be realized soon (I will attempt comedy, something I have not done in a little while, and I'm rusty).

So, bringing us up to this weekend past, we hit Jamestown and then the farm, not quite in the literal sense, though I feel today like I have been going a few rounds with a punching bag (with the punching bag mostly hitting me).

Fortunately, I have lovely friends, and we had lots and lots of help interpreting the Governor's House, so I wasn't at threadbare rug (flat and worn) status by the end of the two days at Jamestown. Many thanks to stringmonkey and cathgrace , as well as my darling Bob, who all took turns in the house so I could get out in the sun and warm up.

I think I did very well with the Governor's table this year:

I did rabbit and quail roasted with purple and yellow carrots, a very pretty little cheese pie, smoked oysters (smelly!), bread, butter, cheese, eggs, and of course, the inimitable Banbury tarts. I also had the usual sugar, dried fruit, and spices on the table for the kids to investigate. I finally have a decent amount of silver and pewter dinnerware, so I think it looked pretty good. I still need to make a wool under-tablecloth (Hardwick House studies seem to indicate that tables were frequently covered with a wool twill cloth - green gets mentioned a bit - which was then covered with linen for eating), and get a couple more serving dishes, but overall, I'm liking the look.

It should be even more impressive when the new Governor's House is finished:

(Bob, looking handsome, even before switching out his glasses, in the foundation of the new building.)

The new building is based on actual archaeological evidence from the dig site, not conjecture (the old house is based on one from an English colony in Ireland from the same period). It's very exciting.

I did not get the new outfit I had planned done for Bob (I admit, I haven't even started it), but I did get to wear my new striped wool petticoat:

It's not entirely hand-sewn - the long seams were done by machine (it's a wool with a teeny bit of nylon blended in, so I wasn't as fussy, plus I was short of time, since I made it for Mousehole) - but it's hand hemmed and pleated using the double-sided waistband pleating method that has the same look as cartridge pleating, but is more secure:

The skirt is pleated to the waistband on one side, using the same pleats as if one were cartridge pleating, and sewn down on that side, then the waistband is folded over, and sewn down to the outside of the other side of the pleats - in other words, the stitch never goes all the way through the fabric. This prevents the pleats from being flattened, so they stay springy. Note: Keep the pins in the whole time - this helps to keep the pleats in place as you're sewing.

(Second note: Make sure the pin heads are on the open side - do not sew the pins in permanently. While you want the pleats to look nice and sharp, you shouldn't take that requirement literally.)

I initially did tapes to fasten it, but the waistband never sat properly, so I removed the tapes and put in lacing holes, and the petticoat now ties with points to the bodies. The fastening is now laced through the front lacing of the bodies, keeping the front from sagging down. It's just the most efficient way I can get the petticoats to stay in place, while still being able to adjust for size changes (I shift sawdust regularly, and my waist measurement can vary as much as three inches over the course of a month).

All that being said, I just really dig stripes.

We did our two days at Jamestown, then went to the farm - and it was quiet and lovely as always, but probably uninteresting to anyone else (I sewed and gazed out of the window). However, we got an interesting visitor on Saturday:

It's a Barred Owl, apparently quite common to the area. They sometimes come out on overcast days, and it was about 4pm. It's sitting on the old clothesline post near the house. Beautiful creature, and quite large.

Now I know what's been making owl noises in the woods. :)

Finally, in the most immediate news, I got a promotion and a raise at work (they love me!), and I have finished outlining the front pieces of the jacket. I have the two back pieces to outline, then I'm moving on to the fill stitches. Progress!

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