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My day - how many hours do I have left? It's never enough.

Hi! Hi, I'm still here!

This is a busy week for me - not only is work up, but this week we do Jamestown for Thanksgiving, and I do my food display in the Governor's House, which involves, preparation, cooking, and stuff. The cruise was awesome - I'm working on that post - but it took me three days to recover (part of which was waiting for the ground to stop moving).

In the meantime, here's a post about invisible disability that is resonant with me, because what she describes? Is me. But I am lucky - amazingly lucky and thankful - that I have Bob, who takes care of me, even when I stubbornly insist I can handle stuff.

I'm in the middle of claiming and owning my own disability (my Dr. tells me the pain is basically permanent at this point, and is working on medicating me to minimal pain levels, but we're not there yet), and it's been... so many things. I'm not ready to write about it yet.

But I'll have that cruise post up soon. With pictures.

(note: Link fixed. You know what I did? Hit [shift+v] instead of [ctrl+v]. I am amazing at html, am I not? My keyboard, she laughs at me.)
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