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The really sad thing about the Zombie Preparedness Training?  I failed one of the tests three times.

I has a stupid.

But I put the stupid down for long enough to pass the test today.  This was fine for my mood today, but it did nothing for my mood yesterday, so after work, I toddled off to the craft store for balsa wood to continue working on my doll house (I might post pictures of my progress as of last weekend; I might not.  It depends how I feel).  On the way, I found that Goodwill has opened a new store in the same shopping centre as the Michael's, and so I checked it out.

I scored four - four! - work skirts that fit perfectly.  My mood improved.  One of them appeared to have been donated simply because the hem was falling out, so I stitched it back up again, and I'm wearing it today.  It's muy cute.

I love thrifting.  I can buy four skirts suitable for work for less than $17, what's not to love?  I have the great advantage that there are four major thrifts within fifteen minutes of the apartment, so I get my cheap thrills often. 

Anyway, just rambling.  The zombies ate my brain.
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