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Thrown under the big bus of celebrity

I'd like to take a moment to advertise my List of Shame.

What list of shame, you ask?  Why, the one signed by a bunch of people who I thought would be more aware of the rape-apologist culture they are perpetrating, but apparently feel that Roman Polanski shouldn't have to pay for raping a 13 year old girl after incapacitating her with drugs and alcohol, and repeatedly raping her vaginally and anally while she said no and begged to go home.

Yet the signers seem to be saying it's "not really rape" (Whoopi Goldberg, a supporter of Polanski, said she didn't think it was "rape-rape" WTF? WTF?!!) . They and their rape-apologist cronies say that the girl wants the case dropped (funny how they listen to the rape victim when it's what they want to hear, huh?).They say Polanski has "suffered enough".

Do they need to be reminded what suffering is? How about some descriptions (triggering) from women who have gone through what Samantha Gailey went through? How is that less awful than spending 30 years in Europe being feted, admired, allowed to make films, befriended by the rich and famous, and accumulating a considerable fortune?

Who, exactly, has suffered here?

And the most ludicrous part? The man skipped out on a possible plea bargain of 48 days, with time served in a psychiatric facility counted towards that time - a total of maybe 25 days in jail. For drugging and raping, repeatedly, a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL. (He pled guilty, btw - the plea bargain got it down to a lesser charge, but he pled guilty to rape.)

I was 16 when I was assaulted, over 23 years ago. I have no memory of the event (I cannot even tell you exactly what was done to my body), but the legacy of it is with me every day. I hate being touched by strangers. I have trust issues. I can't watch a lot of popular movies, because of the flippant treatment of assault triggers me. I don't trust the police, nurses, or most hospital staff because of the way I was treated after the fact. It never goes away. It will never go away. It is a part of me as permanent and absolute as my blue eyes and musical talent.

I'm used to men being rape apologists. But the women who signed that petition? You're on my shit list for excusing rape. Rape that is perpetuated on one in four women in their lifetime. In a culture that celebrates the idea that women should be available to men at all times, and that setting boundaries makes women "bitches". A culture that participates in the further victimization of women raped by men, by questioning their "morals", by questioning their truth, by insinuating that it's only women's fault that they're raped, by disappearing the men who rape.

You're on my shit list for all time. You have basically said "A 13 year old girl and her irrevocably changed life is unimportant, because this man is an Artist". You have said "A 13 year old girl is of no value, so why prosecute a man who rapes her?" You have said "It's not rape when the man is special".

Not to mention that skipping out on jail time is a criminal act. Also, fuck you, Polrapeski.

And you women? Are on my list. Of SHAME.

Debra Winger (Zurich Film Festival jury President)
Asia Argento
Monica Bellucci (SHAME)
Charlotte Silvera
Tilda Swinton (SHAME)
Isabelle Adjani
Isabelle Huppert
Diane von Furstenberg
Penelope Cruz
Sophie Deschamps
Christine Mathis
Sonia Rykiel
Natalie Portman (SHAME I SHAME YOU)
Kristin Scott Thomas
Emma Thompson (OH MY GOD SHAME)

(These are the women whose names I recognized; there are a lot more women who have signed the petition - see links below. How could they betray a 13 year old girl like that? Are they dazzled by the rapist's fame? Why should that make a difference? It's not even that he's saying he's innocent and they believe him; HE PLED GUILTY.)

Emma Thompson, I'm never going to be able to watch another movie of yours without remembering that you said the rapist of a 13 year old should not be punished. And that hurts. 

Freedom Eden's List

Tags: anger, fame, rape, women's issues

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