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There had better be more twist...

We choose to embroider and do the other things in this decade, not because they are easy, but because they look abso-frickin'-lutely cool.*

Sadly, my calculations indicate a distinct possibility that my new jacket will not be finished in this decade.  Big surprise there, I know.

But I have finished outlining the sleeve pieces, and started on the first body piece.  As I started that, I also took some time to work on the sleeve motifs.  This time, I worked on the leaves and the carnation, so I have a new bit to show you.  Yay!  Right?  Right??


I got a floor stand, so I'm not wrestling constantly with the scroll frame.  It's actually a portable frame, so I can, if I choose, take the frame with me when I'm travelling, which will be nice when I get to the GST and gilt work, as I will no longer be able to work on a hoop frame.  Since I like using all my down time on projects, this will speed the finish date, as I'll be able to keep working on the project wherever I am.

But, the new bits!

I worked on the leaves first, to fill out the outlined bits between the major motifs, just to get an idea of what it will look like.  I'm not doing a completely different fill for each leaf - that would be madness, madness I tells ya! - but I am using a variety of fills just to keep myself amused.  I'm even leaving a few of the leaves with just simple veins (I saw this on the cushion I'm basing it on), to give a definite contrast between the lightest and darkest fills. 

I then filled the petals of the carnation with a stitch that I found appealing.  It's echoed in the leaves around it, which I like.


As you can see, I like little "X" fills.  A lot.  One of the things I keep in mind as I'm working is achieving a certain sense of depth, so I'm varying the light/dark fills on leaves that are close or overlapping.  I think it makes it more attractive.  I also chose a fairly dark fill for the carnation petals, since the centers of the petals will be filled with the Special Tambour gilt.  This helps to give it a nice contrast, and sets up the fill as a middle gradation between the GST and the gilt.

Next, I filled the base of the carnation and some of the smaller leaves (plus a couple more rose hips) with the GST:

Here's a close-up of the carnation base - you can see I'm getting a bit better with the detached buttonhole:

I like to keep it smooth.  Smooth, baby, that's me.  Yeah.  I'm using the GST on the smallest of the leaf bits (as well as sections of larger leaves) because it's prettier than one or two stitches of fill, and adds to the richness of the overall embroidery.

Then, for a bit of variety, I filled in the centers of a couple of leaves with ceylon stitch in the Tambour, one of which is shown below:

Continuing with the Tambour, I filled in the carnation with detached buttonhole:

You can also see the other ceylon stitch leaf center in this picture.

I finished off this segment of working on the sleeve with some berries in the Tambour.  Because the berries are small, I'm doing the round stitch with only three lines, rather than five, and it's looking good.  Here's a picture to give you the overall effect of the sleeve so far:

I am very happy with it.  I'll be sick of it by the time it's done, but I'm saving the spangles untill the very end (so you won't get to see them until I'm done), to help me get excited about the sparklies all over again.  Glitter!  I love glitter.

Onward and upward.  Next time, I'll be working on the rose.  There are two more motifs plus the in-between leaves after that (including the big leaf you can see at the bottom of the last photo), and then it will simply be me showing pictures of what the bits look like as they're filled in completely. 

Of course, by the time I get through all the motifs, I'll probably be ready to start on the fill stitching, so there'll be that.  Besides, I don't really need an excuse to show pictures, right?  Right???


*Apologies, JFK's speechwriters, blah, blah, blah.
Tags: costume, embroidered jacket, embroidery
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