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Daffodil pics!

After the fill, I did the gold center on the petals with the special tambour gilt - the tips are detatched buttonhole, the ribs are ceylon stitch:

I definitely need to improve the frame somehow - it keeps slipping, and I'm killing my hands fixing it constantly.  But I'm pleased with how the gold looks.

Then, I filled the center of the trumpet with the GST using detatched buttonhole:

And finished with the berries in the passing gilt, using the same round stitch as for the pomegranate seeds:

Then, for giggles, I filled in the three rosehips by the trumpet of the daffodil in GST and special tambour:

This is going to sound whiny, but the metal threads are fiddly and exhausting to work with.  I think part of that is dealing with the sub-optimal frame setup, but mostly, it's just fiddly.  The thread likes to kink and bend the wrong way, and it's annoying.

Still, I think it looks pretty good so far.  I plan to do a bit more fill (I think most of the leaves will be filled with silk, not metal, though the berries will all be round stitch with the special tambour), just to get a sense of the overall look, then I'm going back to outlining.

Tags: costume, costuming, embroidered jacket, embroidery, good times
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