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PUA? Ptooie!

There's an interesting article at Pandagon (read the update, too) about a discussion on the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) movement, and how it is really, really, really misogynistic and evil, and doesn't seem to actually help guys get laid, but does give them a chance to "revenge" themselves on "stuck-up bitches" who won't have sex with them.  This is achieved by writing vile woman-hating blog posts boasting about how they "showed the stuck-up hoes" by insulting the women they go to bars to meet.

How do men get dates with women?Collapse )


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Aug. 20th, 2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks, this is nice, both as a condemnation of this very vile misogynist movement, and as a hint list for socially clueless males.

One point I'd like to make, from observing arguments on various feminist fora, is that I think it's a good idea, for the sake of feminism and humanity all around, to not to be too disrespectful of lonely, frustrated and socially awkward people, be they female or male. I've seen people get bashed for being "nice guys" with very little provocation.

The "pick-up artists" prey on socially unsuccessful males who are frustrated about not being socially successful, and attempt to sell them the idea that the only way for them to get what they want is to stop treating women like human beings. I think we should be careful not to outright dismiss those same frustrated males' desire for human companionship, and their frustration at not being able to find it, as mere "entitlement". Rather, I think that we as feminists should try to reinforce their hopefully inherent beliefs that firstly, it's wrong to classify half the population of the Earth as subhuman, and secondly, that they don't actually need to do that to find a mate. Which is exactly what this article is doing.
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