attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

My husband, the skunk

Bob got this in the mail from a friend who found a photo of the protest I told you about last month, where Bob was respresented as a giant skunk with fangs:

Here's a close-up:

Now, this is fairly awesome - that's the plaza in front of the County Government offices - and the sign the skunk is holding says "your contract stinks".  This is how we're pretty sure it's supposed to be Bob - he does the contract negotiations.

But, it seems to me that they just didn't try hard enough to make the skunk look truly like Bob (also known as "The Prince of Fucking Darkness").  Fortunately for all of you, I have MSPaint and some free time while Bob watches Burn Notice.


Much improved, don't you think?  It's important that Bob is represented accurately; a measure of respect, if you will.  After all, he's not just some run of the mill government peon, he's, well, Bob.

And if I could find him a briefcase with a skull and crossbones on it, I'd be tempted to get it (not stickers; those look cheap.  I want a real, embossed leather skull and crossbones briefcase).  I bet he'd use it.

Tags: good times, humour, silly
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