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Down time

Sorry guys;  this week has been full of fail, and my mother is coming to visit this weekend (not part of the fail, which has been mostly physical).  I have not been in the mood to post.

The event last weekend was great - Bob did a really cool heraldic presentation for the team.

I'm exhausted, and adjusting to new medication levels, and busy at work, and dealing with stressed people.  Somehow, blog writing isn't top of my list.  I'll probably be back to form next week.


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Want some handmade hooks/eyes and brass pins?
Dame Isobel,

I am quite inspired by the great workes you have wrought. I am a junior sempstress in the Barony of Three Mountains, AnTir (Portland, OR).

When I make my clothes by hand I find that I have to slow down and think about what it is that I am doing. I avoid mistakes and I am able to "commune" with the fabric and enjoy the experience. I am able to sit and converse with my lord husband in our sitting room as opposed to being sequestered in some far away parlor with my silkwomen. Of course, as a fellow noble, I should not be making all of my own clothes, but the taxes have come down hard upon Lioncourt Manor this year, and we are like to lose it if God in His grace does not smile upon us. My other lands of Drumsbury in River's Bend also have taxes due. But such is always the plight of minor nobles.

But, to my main point. I have taken up the art of making hooks, eyes, and pins in brass. I shall be damned if I will buy Spanisshe steele, nor I can afford the tax! I would be honored if I could send you some. If you are amenable, then please email me your address to jenb1996 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Written this 19th day of June from Lioncourt Manor,
Dame Arwen Lioncourt OP
mka Jen Berry

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