attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,


So, we did stuff...

And the animals came out to play...

Which means...

Picture post!

(Yes, I know I've done a lot of these lately; I've been too tired at home and too busy at work to do a cogent - or coherent - essay post.  Don't worry, more is in the offing.)

First, the floor:

This is in the evening, after a day of installation.  We got the carpet ages ago, but didn't want to put it down on the dusty concrete floor that attracts dirt like nobody's business.  Pretty, no?  The floor looks a little redder than it actually is in this light, but it's a light cherry-like colour.  After the grey concrete floor, it's just so warm and beautiful.

We've left a blank square in one corner of the room (not pictured), as that's where the piano platform (about 24" high, with storage in the sides) will go.  All the musical instruments and such will go there, and the stereo will be installed in the side.  It will be rather cool, I think.

Friday was rainy and grey, but Saturday the sun came out, and I was struck again by how gorgeous the view is from the sitting room window:

And, I got a picture of Bob sawing up the floor pieces.  You know, for posterity:

(I know; it's just for my amusement, really.)

We also enjoyed the wildlife, as always.  The milkweed isn't blooming yet, so the butterflies aren't arriving en masse (they'll be here in July), but we have a family of indigo buntings:

Three of them, two males and a female who hang together.  I guess they're either a nest set, or a mating set.  They seem inseparable.

...And the baby rabbits are getting quite big (though they're still hanging out together and playing - mostly one runs at the other, who jumps vertically and looks offended):


And we have a baby groundhog who has made its home in the woodshed by the kitchen, and who came out a lot while we were there (though it ran every time it saw us):

Yum, clover.  Look at that little tongue!

On Friday, it ended up sitting under the cover of the woodshed a lot, which was super funny, since it kept slipping off the planks while attempting to eat the briars that grow all over the shed.  At one point though, it settled down and just sort of watched the rain for a bit:


So bedraggled. So cute.

Saturday, we discovered that it is quite comfortable with the proximity of the house:

That is the deck right outside the sitting room window.  I took the picture from the window, and was almost on top of it.

I have a thing for groundhogs - they don't exist in England, and they're... squishy.  And this one is still quite tiny.  It walks with its little fuzzy tail sticking up in the air, with the tip curled under.

Soooooooooooooo cute.

So - new floor, new animals.  Can't wait to get back.

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