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Bob the Builder and his faithful sidekick of evil


Just had to get that out of my system, thanks.  My muscles ache from laying floor, but that's not as annoying as the mad hurt it put on my arms - they're a tad wonky, and will be all week.

It was a productive weekend - we had help on Friday from dreadbaron  and theblueleader  putting up drywall in the garage, while I supervised the installation of the new alarm system in the house (read:  sat on the sofa, reading a book and knitting).  On Saturday, we installed the floor in the sitting room - leaving a square where the piano platform will be put in.  We got finished at 9pm or so, and it looks beyoooooootiful.  Seriously, y'all.  I'll post pictures this evening.

Preparations are going apace for my mother's visit in two weeks (it's been a madly busy Spring), and the house is starting to look a little more finished.  Of course, we still have to do trim, closet systems, flooring for the library and master bedroom, build the library bookshelves, finish the garage, build my studio upstairs in the garage, move my studio from the apartment to the garage (I won't be able to do any more scrolls or art for a bit, sorry), and a number of other things, not least of which is spackling and painting over all the scrapes and bumps one gets from moving things about - oh yes, and painting all the interior doors...

Well, there's still lots to be done.

Fortunately, the place is beautiful, and I love being there.  Less fortunately, that winning lottery ticket is still being elusive, so I can't spend all my time there.

Anyway - pictures this evening.
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