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So, considering all my new readers, it's definitely time for one of those incomprehensible and boring to everyone except the people who know me state-of-the-me posts, right?


Well, at least I took pictures... With my new camera!

Is it not the cutest? It's tiny enough that I can slip it in my purse or bag, and not have a giant bag to haul around. The other camera is the really good one, with all sorts of fantastic settings, but this one's good for quick "I was there!" photos.

Speaking of "I was there"...

I went to the Atlantian Academy of the Rapier this past weekend, and I taught a class on how women learn to fight, and stuff. If I get the urge, I might post my class notes, but I'd have to do them from memory, since I didn't actually make any notes. It did seem reasonably well received, however, and I hope everyone who attended took away at least one thing that was helpful.

I am under no illusion that people should follow everything I think, just that hopefully they'll find some of my blatherings useful.

Then, I got proof that Provosts actually do get together on occasion, and even talk about stuff (mostly about where to get a drink, but still):

(Anyone who wants a copy of this pic, feel free to go into my scrapbook and take.)

One of the best parts of the day for me was getting a large bag of yummy lace and vintage linens and stuff from[info]ccunning, who generously offered it up, and I dove on the offer with both hands, and clutched the bag to my chest with great greed.  Mistress Thjora did manage to wrestle some of it from me (she was extemely generous in not asking for more, and she can play in my vintage wardrobe any time), and she got some lovely Scandanavian-looking crochet, and a fabulous knitted/crocheted/knotted work-bag, probably from the early 1920s. I got some gorgeous stuff, and took a couple of pictures of the best stuff.

Stuff! Aaaaaaaaah, stuff! I love stuff.

The first one is a machine lace scarf, probably from the early 20th century, I think designed to be worn with a tea dress, or some such thing. The second is a silk knitted shawl, probably form the same date, and is GORGEOUS.


*pant*pant* God, I love stuff.

And this is one of the larger pieces of (I think possibly) tape and bobbin lace, but I could be wrong. It appears hand made, and it's probably off a dress (it's not a scarf, even though I have draped it as such). There were a number of other pieces of lace, and crochet, and really great folk-art embroidered linen towels of the kind that women used to make and then embroider with designs they got from magazines like Ladies Home Journal or (later) Woman's Day. It's all too great for words, but I wanted to post this and be done before bed time, so I'll save the other stuff for another day.

Thank you so much,[info]ccunning; they'll be loved and cared for, and in some cases, possibly worn. If [info]liveinlovemunky ever decides she wants any of it, she can have it back, and I won't make a fuss.

Happy new toys! Stuff! I love stuff.

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