attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Oh, We're Coh-oh-oh-on-ward Bound...

(Note:  I edited the title, because y'all are seeing something that wasn't intended to be there.  At all.)

Holy cow.  Am I really all packed and ready to go?

The Miata is like a clown car - you wouldn't believe how much stuff fits in it.  I'll have to be extra-careful packing up, so I can manage the same configuration going home.

Now is the time for panicking that they'll  a) lose my Con registration, or b) lose my hotel reservation.  Yes, I'm a worrier.  Despite my love of new things and new experiences, I'm much happier when someone else is taking care of everything.  This is not laziness, so much as my amazing ability to forget the most important things.  If someone else is taking care of some of the big stuff, I'm usually much more relaxed.

(This is actually how pinkleader  persuaded me that I could, in fact, get to Plimoth and participate in the jacket project, by taking care of travel arrangements for me.  Trufax.)

(thanks, pink. truly.)

Panic attacks have been part of my life since I was a teenager, whether there was anything to panic about or not.  Having something to panic about is just the gravy on the panic sandwich.

For those of you going to CC27 too, I'll see you there.  For those who are not, I've got my camera, and I promise to take pictures (though I think I'll probably leave the snark ones out - not really my style to pick on individuals, though, to be fair, I have been known to comment when someone else brings it up).  And I'll get pics of my stuff, too - promise.

I'll be back Tuesday. 
Tags: cc27, costume, panic

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