attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Sleeves (oh, God, sleeves)

I promised pictures.

The false vents at the bottom hem haven't been sewn in yet; they'll have buttons on them, too.  The final button count appears to be 80, but I haven't sewn them all on (or even finished them) yet, so we'll hold off until it's official.  They won't exactly match the buttons already on the coat; they're smaller, but they're roughly the same colour (I matched it with some silk thread I had in my stash), but will have the same garnet beads on them as the larger buttons.

This is the overall look; my bit is just the sleeves and the false vents at the bottom.

Detail shots:

Almost done.  Lord, my apartment's a mess.  Well, it's not like I have the energy to clean or anything, though I did run the dishwasher (and completely spaced on the time, being quite surprised when it suddenly was done).

That's my new dress form it's mounted on, btw - I finally got it out of its box (see:  packed apartment, no space, et al.).
Tags: costuming, stash
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