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Visual Evidence

Party pictures!  And commentary.

First, the cake.  I wanted to make a Death Star cake (yes, it's been done - Google "Death Star Cake" and see the horror.  The horror), so that's how we ended up with the Star Wars theme this year.  The cake pans I got were quite small, so I also got a sheet cake for extras.


(As it turned out, the sheet cake was enough, and the DS cake didn't get eaten.  We have been eating it ourselves.  Mmmm, cake.)

So, I knew the DS cake style I wanted, but what to do with the sheet cake?  Bob said "Endor", and we had ourselves a theme.  Bob also suggested Ewoks.

The result:

Yes, we didn't get the right kind of walker, but do you know how hard it is to find Star Wars stuff?  I had a devil of a time.

Some close ups:

Instead of doing a bunch (58) of candles, I had the four Ewoks holding "torches".  After moving some of the more flammable greenery out of the way, it worked very well.  A glow stick became the DS laser.  I'm not sure what it's shooting at, but Endor must not have any moons left.

Then, there were the costumes.

I described Bob's - well, this is how it looked:

That last one has Oldie-Wan jammin' with the Emperor and the littlest Vader.  Those wacky Jedi/Sith.

The costumes were of particularly high caliber this year.  I mean, everyone does an awesome job every year, but this year?  Superb.

Leias and Padmes and Ewoks, oh my.

A slight discussion over the merits of the different versions...

Count Dooku and Friends

Han Solo in and out of Carbonite, Stormtroopers keeping it real, and John Williams even stopped by.

A classic battle.

Seriously, people went all out.  I love it.

And, as always, a party for Bob has stuff.  Silly stuff.  And mayhem.  Let's not forget the mayhem.



...And this was my costume:

Happy times.  And now, I get to rest for six months or so before planning the next one.  I need it.

BTW, Bob's actual birthday is tomorrow, and he reads this journal (and occasionally comments), so



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