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Snow Day (and Stash)



The birds are massing in great numbers around the seed I've put out.

But it's not just a snow day today - I've got a couple of new stash projects.

In keeping with my stash challenge, I'm not limiting myself to just SCA-period stuff; I've been playing around with some 19th century stuff too.  As always, every single bit of the project was from stuff I already own.

Fortunately, I own a lot of craft supplies.

First, the knitted reticule I did last week:
This is a silk/wool/alpaca mix, with artificial silk ribbon and flowers.  The ribbon is the base for the flowers; in keeping with my somewhat less historian- and more costumer-based approach to things outside the SCA, the flowers were hot-glued to the ribbon, then the ribbon was sewn to the finished bag.  I then added a bunch (I think 16) purple and black bobbles to finish off the look. The ties are braided wool.

The flowers were all purchased at the craft store; I tend to pick artificial flowers that look more old-fashioned, and these are the leftovers from trimming a hat to go with my purple Victorian dress.

The other thing I made has no relation to anything I'm currently doing; it was an experiment using some leftover bits from trimming the hat.  I made a hair ornament based on an ornament in the MFA Boston (I'm too lazy to find the link again, sorry) that dates from around 1850/60, and is designed to sit on either side of the head:

When the hair is dressed with ringlets on either side, the hair ornament sits among the ringlets and looks cute.  I have no 1860s gowns except for the actual vintage one, but if I ever make a proper corset that will draw me in the 3" or so that I need to close the skirt, I could wear this ornament with it.  Kind of.

Anyway - this was an experiment because I'm using some of the rest of the leftover bits to make a hair ornament to go with the 1870s Victorian I do have, and this little thing was dead simple.  And isn't the stuff great?  I love the "berries".

...and that's it for me today.  I am going to curl up on the sofa and enjoy the snow.
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