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Day 8: I am eaten by...


Just kidding.  I'm feeling a little bit better (though this morning at 6am was kinda bad), and if this is what I think it is, I have a week or so more of lessening ick before I feel as good as I did before I started the Lyrica.

I swear, I'm not taking anything other medication that has this kind of withdrawal until they invent something entirely new.  I really can't take this kind of tango with my brain chemistry more than once every five years or so (and this one's been the worst yet, which is deeply unfair, considering I only took the Lyrica for  - what?  Four/five months?).  Eurgh.  I think I want to be unconscious for when (if) I stop the coedine.

But - we did stuff at the farm last weekend, and in lieu of actually writing content, I'm posting pictures.

First - we haven't had the floor delivered yet.  Lumber Liquidators dropped the ball, and there was no reason for me to go down there alone, because they didn't deliver a damn thing.  Grrr.  But we painted:


This is the office/sewing room.  I love this yellow, and I have these great blue curtains that will set off the yellow very nicely.  As with all the other rooms, the corner moulding and the doors will be white.  Yummy.

Unfortunately, the red for the library kind of sucked (it's a great colour, but bad coverage - don't go with Behr for dark colours, but the yellow was fine), so we're going to get a different brand in the same colour and try over.  It's still an awesome colour - the trim and bookcases (which will cover most of three walls) will, again, be white:


God, I love that colour.  "Liquorice Stick", I think it's called.  It seems dark, but the windows let in a lot of light and the spots in the ceiling are very bright, so the red is actually very warm and lovely.  It's a satin finish, to reflect the light a little.

Painting took most of the weekend - Bob did the lion's share of the work (love Bob!), but I still managed to mess myself up a bit (still feeling some of the effects, and I couldn't even hold the big roller).  I don't really care; I love colour and after 10 years in a beige/white apartment, I'm totally into how the house looks.

But it wasn't all chores - we got visited by young (and slightly stupid) wildlife:


Slightly more than a yearling, I guess - still very young and gangly!  We see paw and hoof prints in the earth (and mud) around the house all the time, but we don't often see the deer this close (they wait until all the lights are out, I guess).  As you can see, this little one got very close - that's the edge of our very narrow deck you can see in the second pic.  I crawled along the floor to get the camera to take pictures!  The rest of the herd was hanging right at the edge of the woods - we saw them briefly after the little one wandered away.  They stared at us, then oh-so-casually sauntered into the trees and disappeared.

(Fooling no-one, you are.  Scared we know you feel.  Keep off my pansies, you will.)

(The light was very low - it was twilight - which is why the pictures are a little blurry.  I haven't worked out all the nuances of the camera settings yet.)

Monday, we got a visit from the resident black vultures, who are getting very used to us.  I went out to say hi to them.  One was being more talkative than I've ever heard - hissing and grunting, which is how they communicate.  It wasn't scared hissing, just chatty.  As you can see, I was wearing my big black coat, so maybe that made them more comfortable:

I got really close to the one - in the tree by the old chicken coop, where they like to roost sometimes (it has a big opening over one door that they can perch on).  I hope they decide to nest in the barn again this year - they sit on the roof a lot, so I hope they have decided it's a good place.

Bob and I get a bit silly, and we do "vulture moves" when we see them.  At the very least, it makes them stop and stare at us...
Good times.  I really adore the vultures.  I know lots of people think they're gross, but they clean up dead things for us, they're gentle, inquisitive, and I think they're beautiful.
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