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So, I bought this antique lace...

It's cluny, of various sorts, machine made, probably from the 1930s.

I plan to use most of it fo a lace insertion shirt for Bob - I asked him if he might be interested, and he didn't say no.  My thought was that with all the work it would be (I plan to hand-sew it), I would rather it be seen, at least a little bit.  I put 700 hours into the Wadham reproduction shift, and because of the way Elizabethan women wear clothes, it just won't ever be seen (unless I make a pair of organdy oversleeves, which come to think of it, I might), so it seemed to make sense to make the shirt for Bob, because he can sometimes wear it where it will be seen (Elizabethan men with their doublets unbuttoned, yum!).

This is the stuff I plan for his:

The top three - two sizes of insertion, and an edging lace, which will be gathered so that it makes little ruffs.  The bottom piece is more feminine, and I hope to use it to edge a shift for me.

I also bought an unfinished piece of linen and lace, which I will turn into a jabot for my Victorian blouse:

Should be pretty, huh?

...and that's some of what I found this weekend.  I also found an antique sewing basket and a bunch of books, some of which I might talk about at a later date (let's just say what looks like a innocent girl's book from the late 19th century can be a veritable minefield of racist and sexist horrors where you least expect it).
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