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My washer has ambtions...

(This entry is short, so I apologize for the cut, but there's also a picture in the post.)

I'm doing laundry this morning. 

The washer sings a happy little song when it's done with the wash, and I swear it's a piece of classical music I've heard before.  I know someone didn't write this complicated little end song for any washer, let alone mine.  My washer is of a rather squat and unclassical design, and if left to its own devices, I think it would prefer a simple beepbeepbeepbeepBEEP when it's done.  I sometimes get a taste of its Bauhaus-style leanings - if I do all the right things and push all the right buttons, the washer makes bright cheerful burbles, but if I do something like attempt to open the top during a wash cycle, it beeps imperiously at me, and refuses to do anything until I reset it.

I imagine that when I'm not there, the washer beeps in a soft monotone, and dreams of being the star instrument in a Philip Glass symphony.

My dryer is a little more postmodern - it hasn't changed significantly since the 1970s (oh, sure, it has a lot more settings, but they basically boil down to "hot/less hot/not hot at all".  I like to think it hums "Boogie Nights" at 3am, just to annoy the washer.

All my appliances have personalities - alas, since I'm in a rented apartment, most of them are surly and uncooperative at times.

My coffee maker in particular has gone all the way into activism - in protest to the coffee workers' terrible working conditions and low pay in South America, it regularly dumps horrible brown water all over my counter.  The red toaster just giggles, the little bastard.

In other news, I've been cutting my bangs again:

I cut them long so I could style them at 12th Night, but I don't have another big dress-up thing until May, so I cut them a bit shorter a couple of days ago.  I hated that length (it did funny things while I slept, and looked ghastly in the morning), so I just went all the way and cut it in the style I had about 4 years ago.  I love this look.
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