attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Uh... yeah.

I... I... ...nothing's coming to me. And my new manicure is rather long, so it's a bitch to type. Fortunately for work, all I have to do is copy/paste most of the time as I build a really lame database (Oh, you have no idea). But my iPod Shuffle is fully charged (and playing Radio Ga Ga as I write this - Queen rocks) and I am probably going to get some work done, at least.

(Oh, wait - now it's the Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want - and boy, howdy. Where is that multimillion dollar winning lottery ticket, anyway?)

This week we're buying a truck (Ford F150, for those that are interested - it's got a nice high seat, so shortarses like me can easily see out of the windscreen), buying paint for the library and the SCA room (a deep brick red and a butter yellow, respectively), and probably looking at laminate flooring, since that's probably going in next.

I am so happy about the floor - the concrete is perfectly serviceable, but it looks dirty all the time, and has paint splatters all over it from when we did the walls. I want nice floors. I am such a whiner.

Look, really, I'm a bit short on ideas - yesterday really took it out of me. But for those that expressed interest, here are a few specific links that I think are particularly worth reading:

This is a great PDF document that explores the language of racism, and how it has adapted to support racist thinking without sounding racist. If you're like me, a couple of the things they studied might hit close to home.

Here is a brilliant breakdown of what it really means to be a white person fighting against racism.

And finally, this is a beautiful post about the feelings that many of us (certainly me) have when confronted with a big issue, and we're afraid to speak up and say the wrong thing, even when we don't mean to.

I'm off - things to do, people to kill.

(Note:  Please don't comment about yesterday's issue here because the comments aren't screened.  I will moderate.  If you want to comment about that entry, comment there.  If you want to comment on the links here, be polite and respectful.  Be ten times more polite and respectful if you want to comment in their journals.  Thank you.)
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