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It's incerdibly weird, being back after a week where we're basically free of anything except house building.

Or garage building, if you want to get somewhat technical.  Bob did most of the work, with help on Monday from[info]cathgrace, and Friday from[info]theblueleader, and I helped, mostly by wielding T-bar braces and fetching and carrying.  I still managed to hurt myself, but that's kind of par for the course.  It's a good thing we didn't build the house together, since I am somewhat clumsy and accident-prone, even without Bob helping by accidentally bouncing the hammer off my foot (my toe is still quite painful), and dropping a piece of drywall on my head at one point.

Of course, I unintentionally retaliated, by managing to drop the T-bar on him, slicing his wrist, and knocking him in the head a couple of times as I maneuvered the damn brace.

I hate that brace.  Yes, it does a good job of lifting insulation and drywall, but it's a damn weapon of death, I tell you!  D-E-T-H.  At least, it is in my hands.

But the upstairs room in the garage is drywalled - it will be closed off from the garage downstairs, insulated and heated, and become a studio for me, and an overflow guestroom (and the guestroom for people with pets, since cats and dogs are not allowed in the main house, but are welcome to play on the land).

We also attended the Gardiner's Yule event last Saturday - pictures of that this evening - and had an awesome time.  Apprenticeminion[info]lisettelaroux came to stay, and came with us, and I dressed her up and made her play Master Bedingfield's niece - a part she played with great aplomb.  It was a fantastic time overall.

Argh.  I hate leaving the farm - if I had an internet connection down there, it would be perfect.  It's pretty perfect as it is, and I want to stay there forever.  Where's that winning lottery ticket, dammit?  It was a wonderful week, with visits from friends, antique and house shopping (I bought two carpets, and some embroidered cushions, because I have a total weakness for needlepoint cushions), doing crosswords left-handed (just because), making the garage look more done, and just enjoying the house.

...and deep-frying chicken, which is how Bob burned his finger (he was trying to mop up the cooking oil I spilled, and got a little bit too close to the pan), proving that even when we're not building, I am dangerous to be around.

Oh - in completely unrelated thoughts, I need to start putting my A&S50 Stash challenge items up - in the blog, and I'm also going to build a section for it on my web site, with links to the original challenge site and a credit to[info]marymont  (and, if you wish, marymont, a link to your blog post - let me know).  I plan to do a series of pages with items numbered - 1-10, or some such.  On the pages, I'll have photos of the item, and a discussion of how I made them, and what item from my stash was used (materials list, basically).  The first three items were the supporter, the collar and cuffs (they're sort of a set, so I count them as one item), and my knitted socks.  I'm working on a drawn-work falling band that will be number four, and a falling band and cuffs set for Bob that will be number five (I hope).

I have plans.  I do, I do.  Not least because Bob really needs pants.

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