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Linky meme cop-out entry

If you want to read about the Christmas Turtle, go back one entry. This entry is a total linky cheat and meme-alicious. The turtle story will have a couple more entries before I leave for Christmas break, don't worry.

Just like a blog should be, right? Making hay off other people's work. Speaking of which:

This and this is a list I found wildly amusing. The guy that writes that blog is also over at Zombie Forecast, an essential part of one's daily reading, like the Weather Channel.

(It's going to be mostly cloudy here today, with a high of 43 degrees Farenheit. Tomorrow they're calling for 50 degrees and rain. I will be going to the farm this weekend, where thay are also forecasting rain and temperatures in the 40s. Yay.)

Now, I think it's a good time for the year-end meme, which I took from trystbat:

1) Where did you begin 2008?
At Two Dog Hill, in the company of sircorbyand theblueleader. I think I was slightly annoyed at Bob, because he spilled champagne on my vintage dress. I tend to get a bit overwrought by midnight, so it's probably best if you put a cloth over my cage by ten.  Failing that, give me a pack of clove cigarettes and tell me to chill the fuck out.

2) What was your status on Valentine's Day?
The vintage dress was fine, we avoided champagne, and had a lovely dinner out (I think). Actually, I think we went out either the day before or the day after, since Valentine's seems to have become an opportunity for businesses to soak people for as much money as possible. It's quite a bit of money, too, since V-Day seems to make people go a bit soft in the head.

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?
Oh, hell no. At this point, I don't see the use of going back and finishing my degree, especially since US schools have this silly system of wasting one's time taking classes that have nothing to do with one's chosen subject - I'm well-rounded enough, thank you.

I've thought about going back to the UK to finish, but I think it would be too expensive.

4) How did you earn your money?
Working at making sure the data we write research papers with is accurate, going through strange boxes of old papers, and designing embroidery patterns.

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
I took my apprentice, lisettelaroux , to the emergency room after my apartment steps did their best to kill her (sprained ankle).  That adventure taught us that if you just need x-rays, most Nighttime Pediatrics places take adults, too, and there's not a seven-hour wait, like there is in the ER.  The person that recommended it to us?  The ER nurse.  Rockin'.

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
I got pulled over for speeding, but the cop didn't actually say anything to me - he just wrote me a ticket.  I was a bit pissed off about this, since he was tailgating me to make me speed up.  Asshole. 

7) Where did you go on holidays?
Da Farm.  We didn't have any "holidays" per se this year - we were building.  It's an awesome house. 

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000? 
A baby grand piano, a computer, and a freakin' house. 

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
I think so; the year's a bit hazy.  I recall one wedding at least.

10) Did you know anybody who passed away? 
Not personally, no.  Several people I know of died, but I didn't lose anyone close this year. 

11. No #11.
Yes #11.  Eleventy is a useful exclamation.

12) Did you move anywhere?
Not yet.  *eyes new house*

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
We saw Eddie Izzard at DAR Constitution Hall, which unfortunately has a terrible sound system.  I got about 2/3 of the show, and Bob got almost nothing.  Disappointing.  And the parking sucks.

15) Are you registered to vote? 
I am not a US citizen, so no.  I feel very intensely that everyone should vote.  This question is really only marginally about the year in review - people should vote all the time, especially in their local elections, which is where a lot of the decisions about what is taught in your local schools are made. 

16. No #16. 
Dude, this end-of year meme is made of fail.  Let's see, what significance does 16 have for me?  I am the 16th White Scarf/Provost ever made in Atlantia, how's that?  Of course, I haven't been able to fight for almost six years. 

17) Where do you live now? 
In Maryland.  It's a reasonably innocuous state.  Good seafood. 

18) Describe your birthday? 
I got presents that were nothing short of awesome, and I got to go dancing.  For a non-birthday (Patton Oswalt says after 21, you get one birthday every decade; the birthdays in between don't count), it was quite excellent. 

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2008? 
Start a pattern business partnership.  Hi, kass_rants !   *smooch*

20) What has been your favorite moment?
Dancing with my husband in the sunlight in our new house.

21) What's something you learned about yourself?
Sorry; all out of insights. I'm pretty creative with old children's toys and a nativity scene.

22) Any new additions to your family?
A shiny new 8 GB computer.  *smooches new computer*

23) What was your best month?
Hell, I don't know.  If I get awesome presents for Christmas, I guess December will be in the running, especially since my Mother sent me another cheque that is large enough to buy a small car. 

(I love my mother, and I will not hear a word said against her.  She is the bringer of all good things, and can drink other seasoned journalists -  famed for their iron livers -  under the table.  She is awesome personified, and not just because of the cheques.)

24) What music will you remember 2008 by?
I don't really keep a soundtrack; I assimilate things, but I don't really have a specific song.  I suck at this meme, don't I?

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
I can't drink alcohol any more, because of the drugs (instant headache).  I really suck at this meme.   Let's just start making up random answers, okay?

26) Made new friends?
The monster in the closet appeared sometime in mid-June, I think as part of a Latvian exchange program of some sort.  He got lost on the way to the bed of the monster he was swapping with, and decided he liked my shoe collection, so he stayed.  He's getting a bit chilly this winter (closets are colder than beds), so I'm knitting him a wooly hat.  stringmonkey , he wants a Jayne hat (he's a Firefly fan), so if you perfect that pattern, I have a monster with a medium-sized head who would love you forever if you let me take a peek at it.

27) New best friend?
The bacon in the fridge has made a lasting friendship with the broccoli, but the Qua-Duc-Phe (it's like a Tur-Duck-Hen, but with quail and pheasant) in the freezer is hoping to impress some friends when they come to stay at the farm over the New Year.

28) Favorite Night Out? 
July 7th, 1908.   
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