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Statistics and stuff

You will get a post tonight.  I'm feeling better, btw, and did not randomly throw up dinner for no reason last night - which was good, because it was an amazing pork loin rolled up with spinach and provolone,snow peas and tomato risotto.  Yummy.

Look - I'm cluttering my friends' list up with no-content posts. 

I ran a statistical analysis of the people who have friended me (I know - what can I say?  My work affects me in weird ways), and I will post the full breakdown if you guys want, but I've got readers who actually identify where they're from in 44 US States (plus DC), Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Finland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.  Go us!

I'm really feeling the love from California - a bunch of you guys like me, and I love you for it.  :)

Just so you know, the turtle has made it to another group of animals making their way to the stable - you'll hear about his meeting with the horses tonight.
Tags: creche, friend's list, state of the me, statistics
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