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Bardic Costume

I promised pictures of the stuff I wore to Lochmere Bardic.

I'm not on their e-mail list, so I didn't get the memo that costume was optional - I think at this point, they should probably give up and just call it their holiday party - but apprentice lisettelaroux and I dressed up in seasonal cotehardies.  I was in green, and she was in red, and I made insane holiday headpieces for us both:

I went a little crazy with the seasonal greenery and the hot glue gun, but I think they turned out well.

A couple of detail shots:
Yes, I stuck rhinestones on the leaves.  They glittered beautifully, what can I say?

I even got my hair to mostly do what I wanted it to do:

We had a good time; there weren't many people performing (see:  the whole it's really a Christmas party thing), but the pieces we had worked on sounded great and we had a nice time singing even if it was only a few of us.

And Lisette and I showed everyone how it's done.  Isn't that what it's all about?

Word to your Laurel.
Tags: costume, good times, party
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