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Stop the Hunger! (a shame-faced diet pill endorsement)

So, I'm sitting here with a bunch of hairdye all over me.

(Not like that you filthy, filthy little monkeys.)

I'm dyeing my hair in preparation for dancing tomorrow, and our local Barony's annual bardic circle (Lochmere) on Saturday.  I have given up all pretense of dressing in period for the bardic, and am going as a pre-Raphaelite wood nymph, in my green velvet cotehardie, and a bunch of seasonal greenery in my hair.

Yup.  I have sunk low.  It'll be pretty, though.I promise to make Bob take pictures.

Speaking of sinking low, the Lyrica has kicked my butt diet-wise, so I have been trying out various diet pills, seeing which one can work against the all-powerful urge to eat everything in sight the Lyrica produces.

(I'm serious.  Bob is afraid to sleep in the same bed as me in case I start dreaming about BBQ Brisket.)

Now, I'm not expecting miracles from a diet pill - all I ask is that it kill my appetite, maybe shed some water, and not turn me into a neurotic wreck.  That whole "burns fat while you eat!" thing is bullshit, and all anyone can really expect from a diet pill is an appetite suppressant, maybe a little diuretic action, and hope it doesn't induce a massive case of the jitters.

Unfortunately, the first two I tried did nothing - if anything, my appetite increased.  I couldn't stop eating, and I was constantly hungry.

I am never constantly hungry.

I can now tell you that you can stay away from Xenadrine and some Swedish-sounding junk that has an umlaut or two in the name and claims to burn fat (wait... it's around here somewhere... ah.  Aka(umaut)var.  "fastest, easiest weight loss ever", my expanding ass).

But today, I tried SlimQuick. 


Ah, sweet, sweet pill, how thou dost fulfill my needs!  No jitters, and I haven't been hungry all day.  Bliss.  I'd take it right now just for the freedom from being hungry - but if it can get rid of the extra seven pounds that puts me over my max allowable weight, and maybe takes off six more or so that I'm in the middle of my desired range, I'll be ecstatic. 

Oop, timer just went off.  Time to get in the shower.  Toodles.
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