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Which creature of the night are you?
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I went dancing Friday night - just me and Bob, and it was awesome, but a bit cold.  I am going dancing again this Friday night  - Orpheus, 9:30pm, all are welcome.  Wear layers.

My weekend was mercifully quiet - I had a chance to go antique shopping and I took it, driving about 90 minutes for my fix, but it was an awesome one.  I got a wonderful pair of old binoculars, a bunch of stuff for my creche, and best of all, a bunch of late 1890s vintage that someone was selling off cheap (as in $2 for a wool and silk capelet that was in admittedly poor condition, but was worth more than a couple of bucks).  I never regret the things I buy - the bodice I got for $7 has some button detailing on the front and sleeves to die for, and it's silk - but I'm now regretting a couple of things I didn't buy (like the amazing velvet coat) that were a bit more ($30).  Considering I spent quite a bit without them, it's a good thing I didn't, but I hope they go to a loving home that realizes what an amazing bargain they got.

It appeared the dealer was selling off a bunch of stuff they got from a theater company, since several of the items were marked "costume shop".  Probably donated in the 1920s or '30s, I think - the Victorian clothes weren't particularly valued back then (the equivalent of 1970s clothes today - start collecting while they're cheap, people!), and all the pieces I got were real, not costumes (including the awesome red wool officer's dress coat), and in the kind of condition you'd expect from being shoved in a box in the back of an old theater.  Musty, a bit damaged in places, but still cool.

I got an 1890s wool coat for $10!  All it has is a seam separation on the shoulder.  ...And a 16" waist, but never mind.  Man, is it tiny.  I have all sorts of theories about why industrialization created an entire generation (or five) of malnourished people of all classes, but theories aside, some of these people were tiny.  It's not a child's coat - the shoulder width and length are for an adult (I can stretch it across my shoulders, and it's my arm length), but the waist is terrifyingly tiny.  I don't think I could get down to that size even with some pretty severe corseting - my ribcage is just too big (and I am from a generation that actually had some nutritional knowledge).

Yes, the argument is that they only saved stuff that was too tiny to be made over for someone else, but there are a lot of tiny outfits out there, and someone was wearing them.  They had teeny tiny people - my grandmother was one of them.  Born in 1898, she was too late for the really intense corset styles, but she (and her sisters) prided themselves on being really small - she had an 18" waist (without corset) and was only 5'1" tall.  I really wish she'd saved her clothes - I would kill for some of the stuff she must have worn (she was on the low end of the aristocratic class, but they played dress-up with the best of them, apparently).

No wonder no-one ever had sex - you'd break someone that tiny if you rested on them.  Maybe that's why they worshipped a well-fed girl so much (as in, all the advertising shows women with thick, well-formed limbs and large busts); you can lie on a girl like that and she'll be able to take it (and probably the thing you wanted to try with the saddle and the whip, too).

We talk about wanting to be tiny now, but I don't think there's anyone who really wants to be that tiny - I'm not a large person, and since losing weight, I have had to deal with the issues that losing a protective layer over my bones and joints has produced.  I can't sleep unless I have pillows to support me - my knees rub together painfully, and my arms hurt.  I get cold easily.  I bruise more easily (that is also a result of the Ibuprofen I take, though, so not all skinny people bruise a lot, but knocking bare joints against things definitely hurts more), and I can't even sit in a hard chair any more without my butt bones (technical term) complaining.  Sometimes it feels like my bones are cutting through my flesh.

And I'm not that small; according to the height-weight charts (all of which are not about "healthy" weights, just about what weight allows you to live the longest), at 5'3", I should weigh 115lbs.  I weigh 135 on a good day (139 on a Lyrica-fueled diet).  According to those charts, I am overweight.  However, I can honestly say that I am big-boned for my height; a glance at my wrists and ankles will tell you that.  My ideal weight is about 130lbs, and a size 8; with surgery to remove the excess skin on my stomach, I would weigh somewhere between 120-125 and be a size 4.  115 is way too small.

And I have a flat butt already; I don't need to lose any more weight back there.

And with that thought, I will leave you; I will post pictures of my Christmas creche (with new, possibly insulting things this year that assure my place in what Bob calls the "Art Room" of Hell), and the vintage clothes I bought later.
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